Lifetime Auto Body Repair Warranty


All actual body work that we do on your vehicle is covered by our lifetime guarantee. This includes unibody frame adjustment, dent removal and repairing, accessories installation, the actual refinish job, and all other repairs and installations that we physically make on your vehicle. Gibbs Paint & Body guarantees this work for the duration of your ownership of the vehicle, or the life of the vehicle, whichever ends first.


Gibbs Paint and Body  provides a Lifetime Warranty on all metalwork and framework to include :

  • Welding and application of materials that were utilized during the repair
  • Welding and application that protects repair from cracking, flaking or deterioration
  • This warranty does not cover rust repairs

 Gibbs Paint and Body will repair and repaint any metalwork warranted hereby, when a claim is made by the vehicle owner listed in this warranty, unless they are damages caused by or resulting from unreasonable use, maintenance, or care of the vehicle.


Our Lifetime Warranty covers priming and painting work against:

  • Priming and painting work against solvent blistering, peeling, hazing and excessive loss of pigmentation
  • A Lifetime Limited Warranty on the application and adhesion of decorative stripes and decals
  • This warranty does not cover stripe and decal damaged caused by rusting

Gibbs Paint and Body will re-prime, repaint, re-stripe or re-decal the specific section or sections of the vehicle warranted hereby, not including rust repair, when a claim is made by the vehicle owner listed in this warranty, unless they are damages caused by or resulting from unreasonable use, maintenance, or care of the vehicle.

Mechanical Repairs

We provide a One Year Limited Warranty, from effective date stated herein, on all mechanical repairs pertaining directly to original collision damage.


Gibbs Paint and Body transfers, from effective date stated herein, unless the manufacturer’s warranty is less or more, the listed warranty offered by the manufacturer(s) on new parts installed by or at Gibbs.

What we cannot cover

All chips, scratches, rust, dents, bends, or any other markings and deformations that appear on your vehicle after our job is complete. These are all accrued during the normal driving of an automotive vehicle and are in no way Gibbs Paint and Body’s responsibility. Gibbs is not responsible for the failure of any part due to unusual loads and/or situational damage, such as collisions of the vehicle with any foreign object at any speed, nor for any failure of the part under ordinary loads due to a manufacturer’s defect. We keep records of all transactions and replaced parts, and any failed parts can and will be traced by us, upon notification of said failure, to the appropriate manufacturer. Gibbs also is not responsible for any damage to the paint or physical body of the car due to salt, gravel, and acts of God. With these restrictions in place, Gibbs offers a complete guarantee of all work performed upon this vehicle upon notification of the problem by the owner.

what you need:

To recover your warranty promise from us, we will need to see the warranty sheet that we gave you and have records of our transaction with you, established by either the original receipt or by our examination of our own records.

Other provisions

Although Gibbs Paint and Body does not actually guarantee the physical paint of the vehicle, or the physical parts installed on the vehicle, these are most often covered by manufacturer’s warranties. Gibbs will provide the owner with copies of each installed part’s warranty, upon request. All paint used upon the vehicle is fully covered for the life of the vehicle by Lesonal Paint Co.. Most installed parts have a manufacturer’s warranty of around one to two years.

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